2016 - Cooper Keegan - Musician. Sound Designer. Sound Engineer. Composer. Arranger. Artist. Producer.

18 Feb 2019

Hi everybody! Either this year the GGJ took place at Toolbox Coworking in Turin, as always is a great opportunity for professionals and passionate developers to meet new friends or collaborator and realize under a time limit of 2 whole days (trust me a very short perio...

16 Feb 2019

Hi everybody, finally the Demo of TSL is out! You can find it Here.

I hope that you enjoy either if there is many problems. It's important to as that you try it and write some feedback on the community place to help us to make it better and greater.

Don't worry there wil...

7 Feb 2019

Hi everybody, I was very busy in these times, to work on my main project: create and work in a personal, Italian, videogame developer's team, this is MYSTIC LANTERN.

I can say that it's very difficult to find professional and responsible people to work with and I a...

30 Nov 2018

Hi everybody, during this months, I worked about a lot of things and slowly they are coming to the end.

One of these project is in imminent release and I done the OST, musics and a good part of the Sound Design.

This game is an ipercasual, for mobile Android and iOS. 


5 Oct 2018

Hi everybody,

I would say that we are at Milano Games Week, 5/6/7 October.

If you would you can try our game in development, you can find it at the Event Horizon's Stand where two team members can explain and let you play. It's very important for us take some feedback ba...

5 Aug 2018

Hi everybody, I would annunciate that this six months I and the developers team "Under Games" worked hardly to create a prototype of horror game called "The Saving Light". We were encouraged by a few Publishers to go straight on with the development. We will do it...

10 Jun 2018

Hi Everybody , At VRTrek's Stand will be avaiable Gundropper (Alpha) presented by Alone in the Bug team.

I would invite you to come to try it and to give us a feedback about your experience. With your help we can do better our work and give you an higher experience next...

5 Apr 2018

Hi Everybody, I would invite you to try this Game in Torino Comics 2018 at Event Horizon School's Stand!

13 - 14 - 15 April 2018!

More info here


I realized with this Team Music and Sound Design in it. Hope you like it.