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GunDropper at Verona Model EXPO 2018

Hi Guys, I worked at Turin Game Jam 2018 about a new game based on VR system. I dedicate my skills about it's Sound Design.

GunDropper VR is a multiplayer cooperative FPS for two players using two HTC Vive, it is based on colors and fast communication! The players can walk in a restricted area and shoot with crazy weapons at hordes of colored enemies coming at them. The two player's worlds are mirrored (feet on feet) and independent from each other, they are only connected through colored portals on the floor. Any weapon dropped in a portal will change it's color with the color of the portal and so it will become effective against the enemies with that color. Example : if player 1 is being attacked by blue enemies, player 2 will drop his weapon in the blue portal to give it to player 1 so the weapon is effective against the enemies. The weapons throwing in the portals to change it's color to then kill enemies, is the part of the game that forces the players to communicate very fast!

You can try it here soon!

Verona, ITALY:

EVENT: Verona Model EXPO

DATE: 17_18 March 2018

#videogame #sounddesign