Global Game Jam 2019 Turin

Hi everybody! Either this year the GGJ took place at Toolbox Coworking in Turin, as always is a great opportunity for professionals and passionate developers to meet new friends or collaborator and realize under a time limit of 2 whole days (trust me a very short period) an prototype playable of a game.

For other more knowledge about GGJ invite you to click on pic up here!

The argument was give from main organizer of the GGJ and this year was:

This year the argument was a phrase that is more difficult that only a word. But this can't stop the mind so we create this:

Follow instruction to download the prototype and try it. It's full of bug and there is no tutorial, remember that it's all done in 2 days (and night!).

There was no time to put Audio in it =(. This is common on a Jam, in this case we have only one skilled programmer and he must think on functionality before polishing!

Hope You like!

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